Rombo Textil

Product Photography

The Case

Rombo is a small textile manufacturer enterprise based in Guadalajara, Mexico. They were in need of showing to their prospects and clientes the good quality of their products, installations and processes. What a better way to do it than with a photoshoot?

The process

We decided to make a very natural product photoshoot: "just one regular morning of production in Rombo Textil". Showing in detailed the textures and the care that the team works in the processes of manufacturing. Also showing the good equipment and the results of a day of production.

The outcome

A very natural history told by photos, afterwards they were able to upload some of this visual support to their website and their catalogs. "Elevating" their brand image. There's a lot that can be communicated of a brand by simple things, I enjoyed shooting the details of their products, soothing one might say.