KMA México

Web Design / Webmaster / Graphic Design / Content Editor

The Case

KMA Mexico is a local brand of clothing and gear for extreme sports on the sea, on the streets and on the mountains, located in Guadalajara, Mexico. They were looking for someone new to be part of their Design and Communications team to help them refresh the content of the social media strategies and designing their online shop.

The process

We worked in creating weekly new content for the social media as ads campaigns to sell the products and position the brand. But the spotlight sure was on the online shop which I builded from zero. It sure was deep process: collecting the existing information of the products, making photoshoots of gear and having all the needed tools to make the site up a running and then manage all the sells and website.

The outcome

We've got a growth of the audience on social media in six month from an average of 2K followers to 6K. On the online shop we were able to start selling nationally and with green numbers! The brand style changed and got more mature. It was one of the most rewarding projects that I've participated, I've got to contribute and learn a lot in the process.