Moving Art Factory

Web Design and Visual Identity

The Case

A wonderful project of a cultural center with co-working spaces and a very cool bar-restaurant. Located in Minsk, Belarus. They requested my participation as a consultant on their visual identity. But most importantly, they were in need of website with multiple functions, such as: events managing, ticket sales, artist directory, merchandise selling and bookings of the co-working spaces.

The process

My collaboration with the team was abroad from Brussels, Belgium, sure it was a challenge but it was a fun one. I worked on building exactly what they needed while leaving a stable environment for it to work proper considering their team would manage it afterwards. I also created a visual identity guidelines for the brand them to follow.

The outcome

The project was ready for their opening! I delivered the site to the communication team of MAF in Belarus for them to manage afterwards (I became their technical support person abroad). The style guidelines I defined, helped afterwards for the managing of their social media and the website. It was a pleasure working abroad in this cultural project. Trello is a tool from the gods wink, wink.