La Habanera

Visual Identity / Content Strategies

The Case

A contemporary cantina and "mezcaleria" located in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Serving unique food from the south of Mexico. They asked me to work with them to create a "fun and typical cantina style" visual identity, social media strategies and content, plus photography of their products and events.

The process

It was a lot of research in the process, about Mexico's contemporary cantinas ways. It was fun thought! So with the results I worked on their logo and visual identity, defined lines and style of communication and content.

The outcome

After the the opening I worked to create content for their social media in a monthly bases, we started working towards building a solid fan base. This project was a blast to work with, not only because I'm a fan of Mexican Cantinas, but also becase of the freedom and trust given to make propositions and see it grow first hand. <3